South Florida Latin American Photography Forum (SoFLaFoto)

Juried Invitational Online Exhibition
Open Call

Title: 305-COVID-19
Theme: “Miradas” in Miami in times of Covid-19
Medium: Photographic or lens-based works of art  
Artwork Territory: Miami-Dade County
Eligibility: Open to all visual artists
Entry Fee: None
Exhibition Dates: September 13th-October 17th, 2020
Deadline for Submissions: Closed
Host: South Florida Latin American Photography Forum (SoFLaFoto)


Statement of the Exhibition

The COVID-19 outbreak caught the whole world by surprise by striking over 210 countries and regions this year, affecting billions of people and claiming many lives. The spread of the virus respected neither borders nor races. In Miami-Dade County the Coronavirus posed a public health safety and welfare risk to all the residents forcing the government officials to declare a state of emergency and up to the present days we are still battling against this crisis.

Susan Sontag wrote in her seminal 1977 book “On Photography”, “Today everything exists to end in a photograph”, and under this premise images are being attached almost everywhere like a period at the end of a sentence. Amid the crisis artists might have captured moments beyond the limits of time and space that reveal the humanity demonstrated by individuals. Several narratives are at stake in the field of image cultural production like isolation, emptiness, fear, disbelief, anger, desolation, self- determination, solidarity, perseverance, unconditional love, etc., shaping the way artists have represented this time in both the traditional sense of being compelled to express what they see and to reflect reality from a conceptual point of view.

The exhibition 305-COVID-19 deals with the representation of your world from the inside and outside your windows. And as such, the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum invites you to participate with a documentary and visual registry of images produced during this period of exception in the middle of the pandemic outbreak by submitting a portfolio of images.


Important Information

Provide the following information:


Phone Number


Title of your artwork

Statement of your artwork

Series or Single Image? If the image belongs to a series, please provide its title

Medium of your artwork (Analog/Digital/Polaroid, etc.)

Size of artwork

Number of images: from 1 to 10 images can be submitted
Image Format:
High quality .jpg file measuring 1920px x 1000px up to a maximum file size of 2MB
Image Name:
FirstName-LastName-99.jpg (Joe-Perez-01.jpg)
The deadline to submit your work is August 15th, 2020 but we encourage you to send it earlier


Curatorial Team

Liliam Domínguez, Ph.D.

Born in Havana, lives and works in Miami, Florida. Dr. Dominguez is a visual artist and an art educator currently living in Miami, Florida. As a practicing artist, she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in public and commercial galleries. Her artwork (prints, mixed media, and photography) is displayed at public and private collections throughout the world. She has also curated several exhibitions for public art galleries. As an educator, she has taught photography and art courses at University of Miami, Barry University, Miami International University, Miami Dade College, and Florida Atlantic University; as well as education courses at Barry University. She is an alumni of San Alejandro art academy in Havana, Cuba; and New World School of the Arts, University of Miami, and Barry University in Florida, U.S. Currently she works as the Director of the Education Department of the Coral Gables Museum in Miami, Florida.

Angela Valella

Born in Havana, lives and works in Miami, Florida. She is an artist with a long engagement with artist-led projects and collaborative initiatives. She is the director of TheNightclub project. TheNightclub project is a nomadic platform that since April 2012 aims to create dialogue among diverse artistic practices and practitioners through curated exhibitions presented in various venues for one-night only. The project has been shaped by exhibitions and talks, organized by a close-knit network of artists and cultural producers. From 2005 to 2011 she co-founded 801 Projects, a contemporary space dedicated to promoting the arts that included exhibitions, workshops, and talks. One of the founding faculty members of Design and Architecture School in South Florida, she has been a contributor in the research of the book “Memoria, Cuban Art of the 20th Century” and organized curatorial shows and conferences among others. She is curatorial advisor to the Museum of Art and Design in Miami. She has been a recipient of the CINTAS Fellowship Award 2013-2014 and The Wavemaker Grant, 2016, Miami.

Grethel Morell

Born in Camagüey, Cuba, lives and works in Havana. Cuban photography historian, researcher, curator, art critic, and professor. She holds a Master’s in Fine Arts in Art History from the University of Havana. She received the Cuban National Curatorial Award in 2019 and the Cuban National Art Criticism Award in 2016, the highest distinctions awarded by the Cuban National Council of Plastic Arts (CNAP). She is twice the recipient of the Cuban National Photographic Critic and Research Award (2010 and 2009), conferred by the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), the Cuban Phototeque and the CNAP. She is a member of Unión Nacional de Editores y Artistas de Cuba (National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba) (UNEAC) and the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).


About the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum

The South Florida Latin American Photography Forum (SoFLaFoto) was created on May 4th, 2020 as a personal initiative by Miami-based photographer William Riera based on his reckoning of a void in getting to know who is doing what in the community of photographers living in the region of Florida and to find ways to collaborate and document the life of our community.

Focusing on the photographic works of artists living and/or working in Florida, the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum (SoFLaFoto) takes on the challenge of locating, compiling, organizing and sharing the information related to the works of photographers that have documented or are documenting the life of the Latin American community, and also the works of those who have documented or are documenting the Latin American region (Hispanic America, Brazil, and Haiti) and the many issues that are relevant to the community like memory, history, diaspora, immigration, identity, family, religion, gender issues, racism, addiction, inequality, LGBTQ rights, etc., all within the contemporary, documentary and street photography realms. In addition, we collaborate with artists, curators, and researchers of Latin American photography and lens-based art works.

Benefits of the Forum
Create an archive of authors living and working in our region, including those that no longer with us in order to preserve their legacy
Promote the debate of topics related to Latin American photography within the American society
Promote the debate of how USA-based photographers are looking to Latin America through their lenses
Share the works of photographers and visual artists that are working with the Latin American community within the United States or in Latin America
Share articles, tutorials, and general information related to photography that might be of the interest of the community
Stay updated with the latest photography news in our area and the latest works of our photography community
Get a sense of community and camaraderie